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Enjoy your club dining experiences in these following locations:


Gallery Grill

Men's Grill

Gallery Grill Bar

Ladies' Grill


Dive-In Diner (Seasonal)

The Library

63rd Street Snack Shack
"The Shack"

We ask that you please make reservations for the Gallery Grill.

The Gallery Grill embodies all the food concepts, beliefs, and fundamentals of our Culinary Program from dry aged steak, to house made charcuterie, fried chicken, and carrot cake. If you do not see it on the menu, we will do our absolute best to satisfy you or your guest's request. All food products are hand crafted, fresh, of the best quality, and skillfully prepared by our professional chefs who are properly trained to execute at a very high level.
Tuesday through Friday, we offer a lunch buffet in the Gallery Grill. This ready to eat buffet (11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.) offers a nice variety of cold and hot foods, soups and salads. The buffet allows for very quick service, if you are in a rush to get back to the office or out onto the golf course. It is also great for large groups that may be on a timeline.

The Gallery Grill provides a warm, friendly environment with all dinner salads and cold foods being prepared in a demonstration kitchen within the dining room for quicker service, as well as quality assurance. Don't forget about pasta night on Wednesdays, the Seafood Buffet the last Friday of the month, and brunch every Sunday morning. Please join us in the Gallery Grill or Gallery Grill Bar for fellowship and a great meal!

Mr. Agnelo Fernandes

Gallery Grill Manager
405.848.5611 ext. 291
[email protected]