About the Club

About the Club

Nestled in the heart of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, the origin of the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club began on July 6, 1911. Being the oldest and most prestigious private golf and country club in Oklahoma City.

On July 6, 1911, a committee of 300 members signed an agreement to form the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. The committee attained 160 acres of land on Northwest 36th Street and Western Avenue, presently known as Crown Heights Addition.

As the Club’s membership grew, ideas of relocation began. The developer of Nichols Hills, G.A. Nichols had a dream of creating the “perfect” subdivision for families. Nichols believed an essential part of this new development was to centralize an excellent and prestigious golf course. Nichols consulted with Perry Duke Maxwell, who was known for designing courses that were challenging yet accommodating to all skill ranges. The course opened in the summer of 1929.

In 1930, Nichols offered the officers of the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club a trade. The 160 acres of land on Western for 163 acres in Nichols Hills with a clubhouse, swimming pool, and 18-hole Perry Maxwell designed golf course. In November, 1930, the board members of the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club had their first meeting in the new club, and this became the Club’s permanent location.

For over a century, the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club has expanded and enhanced its facilities and amenities, while continuing one tradition. Experiencing the Tradition of Excellence.